Digital Marketing Course Curriculum – A Detailed Study


You are reading this article because either you are digital marketing aspirant or somewhere know more about digital marketing. Even if you already have detailed knowledge about digital marketing, I would recommend you should go through this article.

A person who are working, studying doing business, thinking to do the business, housewife or anyone who listen first time about digital marketing, generally they curious to know more about.

Sometime digital marketing experienced people also don’t know what exactly digital marketing is?

During my 10 years of experience, I worked in different organizations as as a digital marketing executive to digital marketing manager. Currently I am working as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer with DigiLearnings.

In every week more than 30 people, I connected to whom I shares related to the digital marketing knowledge in as a consultant or trainer, as per their requirement.

Everyone knows you should try to have the complete knowledge about the thing in which you are involving.

So how one can expect a good result to know few things related to their vision. As a marketer, I would suggest that you should have complete knowledge about Digital Marketing, I am not saying working knowledge but you should aware of all the things.

“Learning is the Process” so you will learn as per the need.

So if you would like to learn digital marketing, you should aware all modules related to the digital marketing. I am going to share here a detailed study of digital marketing modules.

Module 1 – Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing overview tells about digital marketing advantages, disadvantages, limitations, digital marketing process. more or less about marketing, branding, sales, advertising and promotion.

Module 2 – Domain and Hosting Buying

In the digital marketing you should have a website for learning process. Most important 2 things are required to design the website.

  1. Domain – The website unique address
  2. Hosting – The place where your website content will be stored.

Since it is paid (some website provides free, I would not recommend free stuff), so be careful during the buying process. Already an article shared how to buy domain and hosting.

Module 3 – Website Designing and Planning

In the digital marketing process, you will required a website, sooner or later. The website will be the center point on which your audience will come and interact with your product and services.

In this module, trainer will give the understanding about content management systems, types of websites, function of websites, content management system interface (CMS) etc.

The person need to learn website structure, terminologies and function of the website.

Module 4 – Design for Marketing

This is most important thing in the marketing. In the marketing process, you need to required graphics and/or video to tell about product or services to your audience. It is easy way to tell your audience.

Weather it is newspaper, magazine, social media, google ads, email marketing or any different ways you are opting, you required graphics.

There are some free tools available for graphic designing. The good thing is it is very simple. you just focused on creativity, and it comes from the experience or understanding things.

Module 5 – Search Engine Optimization

Most popular module in the digital marketing course. I would say this is the backbone of digital marketing. You optimize your website for search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

In simpler word, you would love to appear on the demand of your audience. Means when someone will search services, and you are providing the same service, it is important that your website should appear on Google search on the top of page.

You learn all tricks in search engine optimization.

I will classify search engine optimization as below;

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization
  3. Local SEO
  4. International SEO
  5. Black hat SEO
  6. White hat SEO
  7. Grey hat SEO

Module 6 – Web Masters

Every search engine have web masters, also called search console. The primary work of search console is to provide the knowledge of organic traffic of your website.

From this tool you can customize your website for appearance on SERP (search engine result page). This tool is free of cost.

Module 7 – Local Business Promotion

It is a part of Search Engine Optimization. Local business listing is the part of SEO. On and famous process is Google My Business to list your business.

In this module you will learn, how to list your business on Google My Business (GMB), Bing and other websites.


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