SWOT Analysis and Daily Life

The Management Concept “SWOT Analysis” can make your life easy. You can use SWOT Analysis before preceding any task in your life. Analyse Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats. In this article, you will understand the steps and benefits of SWOT Analysis.

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Authenticate MailChimp Account with DKIM and SPF Records

We should authenticate MailChimp account before using it. This tool is very sensitive and they are very restricted about spamming and sending bulk emails using wrong methods.
So you should authenticate your account first. For it, you need to verify your domain and use SFP and DKIM records in your cPanel.

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How to Buy the Domain from Godaddy and link with HostGator

During my Digital Marketing Training Sessions, generally, tell to the trainee that how to buy the domain from Godaddy and hosting from Hostgator in the Website Designing and Planning Module, which is actually very basic need in the Digital Marketing.I recommend because both provide the best services in their field.

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